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How to Fight Depression as a Christian | The Completeness of Calvary

How to Fight Depression as a Christian

How to Fight Depression and WIN

How to Fight Depression, Depression and the Christian

How to Fight Depression

Knowing how to fight depression and win is something that took me 40 years to understand. I watched others being happy and enjoying life, while I continued to drown in a sea of emotional despair and darkness. But then something happened . . . which allowed me after 40 years, to break free and overcome depression. And its available to everyone!

How to Fight Depression – The Prison of Your Min

Is your mind a prison that you can’t escape from – I know mine sure was? I was continually filled with despair, emotional heaviness, loneliness, and even anger?

I did not overcome depression with a prescription drug, for I understood that any disease is not the result of a drug deficiency.

I also understand that eating a terrible diet may cause a nutritional deficiency that affects serotonin levels, or some aspect of brain function, but I was ‘Mr.Health.’ I changed my ‘terrible’ diet 25 years ago and provided the body with all the nutrition needed to support serotonin and proper brain function, but still did not overcome the heaviness of despair.

Just Because You’re A Christian Doesn’t Exclude You

Being a Christian does not exclude you from depression, rejection, anxiety, or feeling unwanted and worthless. In fact, in the Sept/Oct 2000 edition of Physician magazine it was reported that 80% of pastors are discouraged or dealing with depression. Of those, half of the pastors say they are suffering from burnout, and while the other half stated they are experiencing depression.

I have attended church my whole life and know that religion is not the answer, but something else is.

Before I share my story, I want you to understand that I am no different than you. Hey, I struggled for over 40 years – so any thoughts you may have of ‘but I am different” or “you don’t understand what I’m going through” – forget the “but” game – you are talking with the king of the “but” game. There will always be a “but” or some other “excuse’ why you are different. But you are not any different than I, and I know for a fact, there are qualities and gifts that lie within you that are just waiting to blossom and burst forth as you become the person God ‘designed’ you to be – but it takes a willingness and readiness to change.

How to Fight Depression – The Answer was Always There

When I got hold of the answer I realized it had always been there, but no one had ever given me the steps or the understanding of it in such a way that it ever made a difference in my life. It came down to a new understanding of what I had been saved into as a Christian. I guarantee that if you put your desires and efforts into what I am about to share, your life will never be the same.

Get rid of depression and fear once and for all. Here is my story, which can also be your story . . .

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, depression is the leading cause of disability in the United States for ages 15-44, affecting approximately 14.8 million American adults. While depression disorders can develop at any age, the median age onset is 32, and is more prevalent in women than in men.

How to Fight Depression: The Completeness of Calvary - click here.

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